The Electric Brothers were founded in January 2018 by two cirucs performers and actors (Niko and Utka). Together they start to investigate the combination of theatre, circus skills and particularly the interaction between music and movement. They used this research to create there first show “The cosmic Quest” to perform at festivals and other events all around the world.

Utka : His first encounter with the art movement started with Shaolin Kung-fu and Tai-Chi, to which he owes a lot, because he understood the discipline and passion for the practice. Entered into the circus world in 17 and started to work immediately, travelling around the world in 21 countries for 8 years with several projects. He understood that everything teaches you something, and in the research had always tried to unite all the disciplines. Now our days, he’s studying Physical Theater (Atelier Teatro fisico Philip Radice in Italy), and working in different projects for the future.



Niko : He started juggling in his early twenties while at University in Lausanne. After graduating in Physics, his hobby quickly became a way of life. He discovered several circus disciplines and decided to invest his whole time and energy in perfecting his skills. He did this by attending hundreds of workshops all over Europe. Now, he has found other circus artists to spread happiness across the galaxy. Now our day, he’s studying Physical Theater (Atelier Teatro fisico Philip Radice in Italy).